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Your Appointment and What to Expect

Your appointment starts off with a FREE consultation. This is your time to ask questions, gather information, see the facility, and discuss a game plan.

During your consultation we will.

  • Review your medical history in detail
  • Look at previous before and after’s so you will get a sense of your outcome
  • Discuss your expectations, size, color, and result
  • Discuss the procedure in detail
  • Book your appointment, which is approximately 90-120 minutes
  • Prior to your appointment we recommend you shower with an antimicrobial soap, such as Dial.
interior space

During your appointment we will.

  • Fill out paperwork, which is completed in a HIPPA compliant format on a tablet.
  • Take before/after photographs
  • Apply a topical anesthetic if needed.
  • Map out size and position of the Areola Complex
  • Prepare and match colors
  • Perform the Procedure
  • Go over after care package, which includes aftercare ointment
  • Schedule a follow up appointment if needed